An exclusive proposal from LIFESTYLEHOTELS in cooperation with Heldentheater creative agency.

It is well known that 90% of all hotel guests look at the images before they decide to book a certain accommodation. Therefore, photographs function as eye-catchers since they often lead to further information and ultimately, to booking requests.

Making use of videos and images is important nowadays. More than 80% of a brand’s relevance is based on pictures. Big pictures, of the highest possible quality.

The quality of an image not only depends on its perfect technical execution, but even more on an authentic and unique concept behind it – a USP through visual communication. And the beautiful thing about visuals is that they do not need to be translated, they work universally.

To make the most of photographs, you needs a master plan for the overall visual appearance of your company – a distinguishable visual guideline. This guideline precisely defines which content needs which images.

We want to support you on the journey to your own visual guidelines.

Heldentheater is a creative agency based in Graz. It is focused on photography and operates between technical perfection and visual creativity.

We specialize in elaborate productions – from concept to the final video or photo production onsite. We also take care of the right communication channels for your brand’s identity and visual guidelines, like print media, websites and social media.

Together with you, we develop your own visual USP and support you on the way to the final outcome. Our extensive experience allows us to offer full service for all the different fields. We not only take care of your overall appearance, but also extend the concept and production of existing media with your agency at hand.


/ It’s simple.

Impressive creative output takes time, a little money and loads of fun. We support and lead through all process steps, always approachable and easy to understand. Everything happens in close consultation with you. Being visually unique must be fun.

Enjoy the input of external, professional opinions and look forward to seeing your hotel’s future representation come to life. At the end of the day, it is your hotel that tells its own story.


/ It’s straightforward.

Cooperating with us is uncomplicated for you. During photo productions, we perform as a well-prepared team and take care of everything necessary to guarantee an optimal solution.

You will be surprised by how stress-free concept development and its further realization can be. Our strategy, you may ask? Good planning and strong communication.

Heldentheater in close cooperation with LIFESTYLEHOTELS

Everyone benefits from extraordinary results. For you as an entrepreneur, it is virtually impossible not to take care of your own representation.

With impressive images, you hand your partner and marketing accelerator LIFESTYLEHOTELS a tool to successfully represent you.

The cooperation of LIFESTYLEHOTELS and Heldentheater creative agency is your advantage. The fusion of different skills and extensive experience makes it possible to produce results that last and are being demanded by the market.


We are happy to show you our approach to represent ****S Hotel Nesslerhof in Großarl.

All images and videos in this article result from productions in Großarl. Over the last two years, Tina and Hermann Neudegger worked tirelessly to authentically present their accommodation, their staff, their surroundings and themselves with the help of distinguishable visual guidelines, and to reach brand-forming autonomy.

The photography and video productions are the result of the process mentioned above, and made an essential contribution to the overall appearance of the hotel.

The desire of the guests for genuine experiences and the importance of discoveries over material goods was the foundation of the whole production.

Wegfahren & Ankommen

**** Superior Wellnesshotel Nesslerhof

play button
A movie, which tells the story of going away and arriving. It was important to us to show the entire guest experience a visit at Nesslerhof has to offer.

“Reliable, professional, straightforward“

Hermann Neudegger

Tina Neudegger

“A little bit crazy,
very sympathic."

As a production agency, we can offer you the following:

– Concept & visual languages

We locate the visual USP and the best opportunity to represent your company.

– Conceptual photography
& video production

We take care of the perfect image –moving or still.

– Social Media content

We create a content pool for Facebook, Instagram etc. Of course, we can also take care of the entire Social Media marketing.

– Interior Design

We create interior that tells a story. Our printed images seamlessly integrate into the architecture surrounding them.

– Photo booth

Photo booths are great. They help you maintaining memories and emotions, personalized and related to your company. We provide advanced photo booth solutions and are happy to find a distinct one for you.


/ Get in touch!

It is virtually impossible to mention all possibilities, processes and involved characters in this short statement.

In our opinion, a good personal connection creates the perfect foundation for a prosperous cooperation. Therefore, we would like to get in touch with you personally.

Our visit would contain a first feedback on your existing presentation, we would talk about opportunities and trends, and hopefully provide you with a lot of inspiration and motivation.

LIFESTYLEHOTELS is happy to offer our clients a first complimentary consultation (excl. travel expenses).



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